This newspaper was based on the website DORK DIARIES.COM (books by Rachel Renee Russell) which is centre on the life of Nikki Maxwell (picture on right) and her life outside the books. This online newspaper is the news and drama going on in the comments of people in DorkDiaries.com. So if you wanna know more about what's what, come here!

Learn about what other people are saying about all the drama going on there. This place is for everyone to speak out so let your feelings out here!


-The Whole Newspaper Crew

Above is Nikki Maxwell from Dork Diaries.

About The Owner of this blog

Hi! I'm Dance from DorkDiaries.com! I made this website because I wanted people to speak out for their own opinions somewhere where they might feel more comfortble.

I wanted this newspaper to be a place people feel free. And the people who are always left outta the conversation to know what's going on.

If you have any problems, send me a private message.

Thanks for listening,